Health Benefits Of Polio Vaccine

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Polio Vaccine, a helpful cure for a horrible disease. Polio has been around for a long time and many people have died from it. Polio is a horrible thing and people should get help right away. Effects of Polio, the inventors of Polio Vaccine, and the results of the Polio Vaccine are all three major topics of Polio.
There are multiple different effects of Polio. Polio is a severe disease that people are usually born with or they get later in life because of something they eat or touch. (Polio NZ Inc.) Polio is not something to joke about. It has serious effects on people and makes them feel useless. Polio may cause you not to be able to breath and/or walk. Those things are major things in your life that you need to be able to do. It is a huge impact on your life and you probably don 't that until it has happen to you. Moving properly is something that you need to be able to do, to
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They were both partners. Albert Sabin was the main inventor. (salk announces polio vaccine.) Sabin 's Vaccine came out in 1961. (salk announces polio vaccine.) He had a masters in medical degrees and he also had been studying disease for a long time before he made the Vaccine. The Vaccine he made was a great hit and lots of people survived from it. He was the one who improved it not invented it. He has been a great life changer, literally life changer.
Jonas Salk 's was the first inventor of the Polio Vaccine. (salk announces polio vaccine.) It was a great invention until Sabin improved it. Salk 's was a really brilliant guy and he made lots of people feel so much better. He may have been a helper but he will always be known as the one that invented the Polio Vaccine. Salk 's Vaccine came into use in 1955. (salk announces polio vaccine.) It may have been too late for some people but when it did come out it saved not just many lives but tons of lives. Salk 's was the first person to think of the Vaccine even if Sabin was the head

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