Polish Neighbor Interview Report

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I chose to do a interview with my Polish neighbor, Kristine Nowak. She is currently a teacher and every friday and saturday she goes to St. Frances de Chantal church in order to educate Polish-American students in Polish language, history, and geography along with other teachers. I myself have attended the school since 2007 and continue to today. The best part of her being my teacher is that she is a primary source and gives a good look at the history of Poland before I was born. Therefore she was my best choice for this interview. Throughout the interview I emphasized ideas such as: What are the most important aspects of my neighbors life? What are my neighbors views on communism? What did communism do to Poland 's economy and government? How…show more content…
In Poland communism resulted in oppression where people had very limited freedom and rights. The effects of communism turning bad were visible in Poland 's people, government, and economy. Even today Poland is in debt due to the hardships of the past. Thanks to this Interview I got an inside look at the history of Poland. Most of my family was born in Poland and I liked that I was able to learn more about the country my family originates from. Both of my parents can relate to what my neighbor had to say and I found it exciting that I had the opportunity to share my findings from a great source. I hope that my interview can be a history lesson not to just me, but to anybody else who comes across it. There are many primary sources to use today and I much preferred learning from someone rather than a textbook. The document above is a copy of a “food page” from communist times. These pages were issued by the government in order to limit the amount of food an individual or family could buy, amounts of food changed for the amount of people in a family. Unfortunately these pages could not guarantee getting food since prices were high and food was very limited. This page has some of the following products: Flour, Fats, Chocolate, Alcohol, and
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