Political Advertisements In Presidential Elections

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With the upcoming 2016 presidential elections coming up within the next year, it is no surprise that there will be an increase in the amount of political advertisement that will be seen across all forms of media. With an average of 333 advertisements seen daily in swing states such as Ohio, it’s no surprise that political candidates are willing to spend big amounts of money to air a thirty second advertisement on TV (Frantz and Ridout). The advent of political advertising through broadcasting media of radio and TV has changed professional politics. But with TV advertisements hardly effecting how Americans vote, what’s the point of buying and producing an advertisement for a television spot?
TV advertisements are an efficient way to reach out to the general audience and get your message out. Television is one of the few media sources where a range of all age groups can access it daily and the information it broadcasts. And television is a way for voters to gain name recognition for the
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Nowadays, political campaigns don’t have much of an impact when it comes to determining a winner and a loser. This idea has been studied closely now since the 1940’s and has even been labeled as the Minimal Effects Model (Farhi). This model explains how the presidential campaigns have little impact on how people are going to vote come time during a Presidential election. Party loyalties are a big factor when it comes down to voting. During the run up to Election Day, there isn’t much of a zig zag when it comes to voters. When a voter leans towards one candidate more so than another months before elections are held, overwhelmingly a lot of those voters end up voting for the candidate that they were leaning towards in the first

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