Political Allegory In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding crafts a story about a group of English schoolboys who crash and land on a mysterious, beautiful island. At first, the boys rejoice at the dream-come-true of being all alone, free from adult rule. But, they soon find out that this way of life is not the one that they envisioned. Many critics suggest that Lord of the Flies is a political allegory about the failures of a democracy. In the novel, these failures can be traced to the character of Jack. Jack’s transformation from a willing contributor in a democratic society to a fascist dictator can be seen through his obsession with hunting, his inability to follow the rules set by their society, and his manipulation of the tribe. In the beginning of the novel, Jack is a stable contributor to a newly created democratic society. After arriving on the island, he marches to the platform where the other boys on the island are holding a meeting. He…show more content…
Jack rules this civilization through fear and with an iron fist. He orders the beating of one of the boys, Wilfred, for no reason. The boys follow this order out of fear of what will happen to them. They are now his faithful servants, unquestionably following his every command. This culminates in the hunt for Ralph, ordered by Jack to ensure that everyone who decides to oppose him will be punished. This type of rule can be compared to that of a fascist dictator. German dictator, Adolf Hitler, comes to mind when reading about Jack’s leadership. Adolf Hitler destroyed the democracy of Germany and built a system where no one holds any type of freedom. He created the Nazis, a group of soldiers who did not blink twice when ordered to massacre millions of Jews. He also punished anyone who spoke out against his rule. Like Jack, he convinced everyone that he was their best choice for a leader through
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