Political Analysis And Pestal Analysis Of Coca-Cola In Pakistan

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Political • Political Instability Trade and import policies have been changed rapidly in Pakistan because of the change in government which causes problems in importing raw material. Prices and duties on the syrup which was imported by USA which increase the operational cost a bit. • Laws & regulations Changes in taxation requirements entrance of new tax law, Tax rate changes • Non-alcoholic business era Pressure of competitive product and pricing policies & ability to increase share of sales market compared to rivals. Economic • Market Routes & Distribution Trends In 2105, company was in a phase of direct distribution to Indirect distribution to improve the service level & to minimize the Operational cost & fixed cost. • Seasonality & weather issues Seasonality and weather is directly related to sales trend and mostly had a negative impact on sales. People drink less CBS when it’s cold outside. So, yes weather has a huge impact on the sales of the company Social • Brand Image Coke creates strong feeling and impression on the consumers that whenever people see coke bottle with red label they suddenly start feeling thirsty and feel a need to have a drink & always associate it with happiness • Consumer attitude & opinion In a research it was revealed that Coca-Cola is the brand associated with happiness (Coca-Cola, 2010). The result of the survey revealed that people participated in research said it’s the taste that makes them smile others said sharing a bottle of Coca

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