Political And Civil Rights: Civil And Political Rights

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Civil and political rights talk about our liberty. These rights are considered as the negative rights or hands off rights. This means that the organization/ country/ any group of people has to keep their hands off the people who are exhibiting these rights. Civil rights are concerned with life, safety and our interaction with the society. Political rights deals with how you exercise political and legal rights like right to petition, justice and freedom of association and freedom to assemble with the people you like. In short, exercising our rights are citizens. Civil rights are rights to have original thoughts of your own, expression of those thoughts, religion freedom and movement. These are old rights and goes back to the days of Magna Carta. These rights deal with one’s identity. Despite of race, caste, creed and community, any organization should keep their hands off and allow people to express these rights. These rights are all about participation and being completely recognized by all institutions. Political and civil rights completely deal with citizenship. A Person without citizenship cannot possess these rights. There is a case study of ROSA PARKS, a normal person during civil rights movements during 1955. In United States of America, the buses were designed in such a way that when white people want to be seated, the black people should get up and give them seat. While back from work, when Rosa parks faced the same issue, she refused to get up and was arrested. She
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