Political And Political Contributions Of Islam, Islam And Islam

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Islam as a religion of celestial component essentially ' aqeedah and Shariah, had a correlation with the political in the sense of space. As a source of motivation, Islam plays an important role society fosters social and political attitudes and behavior. Implementation, then arranged in the Shari 'ah, as catalog-complete set of commands and prohibitions of Allah, supervising human and traffic aspects of human life are complex.

Islam and politics have a tangent point is germane, if both are understood as a means to organize human life needs thoroughly. Islam is not just as a guise to achieve trust and influence from society merely. Politics is also not just be understood simply as a means of formal authority and positions in the power structure.

Only understood as political struggle reaches the power or the Government, will only obfuscate the meaning were extensively and close the Islamic contribution to politics in General. Often forgotten that Islam can be a source of cultural and political inspiration. Understanding of the term broadly political, would clarify Islamic .

In the context of Indonesia, Islamic and political correlations also becomes apparent in the acceptance of Pancasila as the sole basis. This does not mean deleting the ideals of Islam and destroy the Islamic element in the political scene in the country. The extent to which Islamic element capable of providing inspiration in the scene of politics, depending on the extent to which the Muslims were able

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