Political And Political Ideas In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the world famous book about slavery, depicts the tragedy of the main character whose name is Tom. Generally speaking, the book creates an atmosphere to show the darkness of slavery and appeals people to fight against slavery together. Stowe, the author of the book, has strong political objectives that influence the style and formal aspects of the novel a lot. She creates good characters to spread her ideas perfectly instead of making simple ones. From my perspective, I consider the politics of the novel making up for the disadvantages of its literary shortcomings. There are several questions to address. Admittedly, George bravely escapes from the control of his master. He tries his best to look for freedom and happiness with Eliza. Therefore, a lot of people think that he is the most courageous character in the novel. The script “I am George Harris. A Mr Harris, of Kentucky, did call me his property. But now I’m a free man, standing on God’s free soil; and my wife and my child I claim as mine. Jim and his mother are here. We have arms to defend ourselves, and we mean to do it. You can come up, if you like; but the first one of you that comes within the range of our bullets is a dead man, and the next, and the next; and so on till the last”(P183, Line41, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stowe) demonstrates his braveness. Nevertheless, what exists in my mind is that the bravest man in the novel is Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom makes a hard decision which is staying in Shelby’s
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