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Political Argumentative Research Essay My cynical American History teacher in high school really wanted to reinforce the idea of researching and sympathizing with viewpoints we are not accustomed to. Since we attended a private liberal school where nearly everybody supported Hillary for the 2017 American Election, our teacher offered us the essay option to dive into a Trump-supporters perspective. This essay would require finding proper conservative sources and arguments as well as being able to contrast them against liberal rhetoric. The main goal of this assignment was to ensure that we could see another perspective, even if it was against our primary education. To complete my research, I mostly relied on web sources as they were the…show more content…
I received a less-than-desirable grade despite me believing this essay to be one of my best works. He had informed me in a private discussion that he didn't think I was being serious about the content and arguments I was making. He alluded to certain passages in my writing like “If there is a direct association between flagpole size and patriotism, then the Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate’s illegal 80 ft. American flagpole would surely be proof of Trump’s love for his country.” and “When it comes to paying taxes- Donald Trump has not.”. He cited these to be almost facetious, as if nobody who really supported Trump would make these arguments. I was actually blown aback by my teacher’s claims. I could see where he was coming from, but truthfully, I thought I was relating to the people who I was…show more content…
In their Compositional Forum, Liane Robertson, Kara Taczak, and Kathleen Blake Yancey may describe this as remix: “prior knowledge revised synthetically to incorporate new concepts and practices into the prior model of writing”. In many instances, remix can be extremely creative. One could argue that Shakespeare “remixed” his masterpieces by combining two separate genres into one successful piece. In my instance, however, the remix wasn’t successful at
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