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It may be concluded that a majority of the w omen wanted that they should have right to vote. Right of voting to them is an avenue of self assertion and gives them a chance to participate in the national life of the country besides satisfying their clamor for equality. Political aspiration: Political information/ awareness is important tool for an understanding of political process of democratic states. It is closely related with political participation. So closely related to a citizen’s sense of obligation to participate in politics are his or her feelings about his ability to do so and the likelihood that his participation will have some impact. Political awareness is one of the important variables deciding a person’s political participation.…show more content…
For these women exploring further the involvement of women in political life ‘whether they would like to aspire for any elected post’. The answers were given by only 50 percent respondents who were personally interested in politics. The rest were not aspired for the posts. 3 percent of the respondents wanted to become members of legislative assembly. 2 percent respondents aspired to become education minister or social welfare minister at state level. Thus it was found the level of political aspiration is high. Thus, it may be concluded that education had moulded Meo women interest in political field…show more content…
But the present generation of educated Meo women is not so. The position of women in family can be better understood whether she is given a share in decision making process. The impact of education on Meo women extends beyond the horizons of role performance and also affects the pattern of decision making in families. It is significant to remember that the educated family almost in all communities, particularly in urban areas, is passing through rapid process of social change. The old form of patriarchal system which is still lurking in the minds of the people is no more a living reality. The locus of decision making is not the same in all

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