Political Cartoon Analysis: Napoleon's Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon Analysis: In the political cartoon, The final pacification of Europe!!, Napoleon Bonaparte is pictured being hanged by the neck. His weapon is fastened on his belt, and his hat is on the ground in front of him. There are also six personalities in the background celebrating Napoleon’s hanging. Each of the characters represents a country involved in the French Revolution. William Holland, the publisher of this cartoon, shows how the artist used symbolism, imagery, and satire to show how happy the rest of the world was after Napoleon’s era was officially over. The artist used symbols of the countries’ attire to identify the background characters. For instance, the artist drew a bear-fur cap on the Russian and Holland’s figure is plump and has a pipe in his hat. The six men represent six different countries and are listed from left to right: Russia, Prussia, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland. Each of the men is saying “Good news for Russia, Prussia, England, etc.” according to the man’s…show more content…
Throughout his journeys, Napoleon was notorious for wearing a huge hat. The artist presents Napoleon’s hat lying on the ground in front of Napoleon. This is symbolic of his downfall, and the great news for the other nations involved in his tactics. Another symbolic aspect featured in the cartoon is Napoleon’s left hand. His left hand seems to be still grasping for air as if he still feels his reign is not quite over. It almost looks as if he could be getting prepared to reach for his weapon and attempt to fight back as he had been recognized to do throughout his time in power. Additionally, the men in the background who represent the other nations of Europe are all marching around and blowing whistles spreading the news of the “pacification of Europe.” They all seem to be thrilled to hear about the news of Napoleon’s death and seem to all be on the same page about Europe’s

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