Political Causes Of Imperialism

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The historical phenomenon of colonization is one of the stretches around the globe and across the time. Colonization or imperialism is the process of settling among and chartering control over homegrown people of an area. Colonization was first led by Spain and Portugal, in search of riches and trade routes mainly. Then it was followed by England, French and many others who left for different reasons. British brought the geographic and political units formerly under their supervision, including dominions, colonies, and dependencies. Also territories and protectorates. England began sailing the around the world, eventually colonies in far-flung places and there were many motivations for the upcoming trend at that time. Some of the motivations or causes for this includes the religious conflicts, Subduing Ireland-brutal tactics, Economic depression and joint-stock Corporation. Also social and political motives. One important fact for the trend was Religious motives. The British believed that it was common sense that everyone should have their own rights of staying at a particular religion or having certain faiths and beliefs. The idea of coming to an island which is not domesticated or an untamed landscape inspired Britain’s and other bordering nations to take the harsh journey. The journey to find a new land in hopes of developing a better faith. As John Calvin reformed the puritans were tired of the incomplete and disorganized
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