Political Challenges After World War Two

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By Mataya Green There are a lot of challenges that affected WA after world war two. There are things that we can’t even imagine what happened because we were never there to witness it. We are also polluting our economy and we cannot stop. There are so many challenges to face in the world, but there is also a lot in Washington. We need to work together to stop polluting because earth won’t last for in eternity. On challenge is political because our government needs to step in. One of the political challenges is the Space Race. Once the United States herd that the Soviet Union launched the first satellite called sputnik, The United States wanted to be the first in space. Unfortunately that did not happen but the united States were the first on the moon. Neal Armstrong said “one step from man, one leap for mankind.” Another Political challenge was the Hazard of Hanford because they would use water from the Columbia River to cool down their machines but then they would put the water back into the river which polluted the water. If you drank the water you would become sick. This also polluted the fish in the water.…show more content…
One of the economic challenges was the Baby Boom. The Baby Boom went on for two decades and more than two million babies were born. Couples who had children wanted their own homes which mad the limber industry boom. This caused a lot of trees to be cut down and also made the population go up. Now the Baby Boom children have their own kids who have their kids. Another economic challenge was the salmon vs. electricity. When we built dams it was hard for fish to get across to span again, but with the dams they don’t rember where they are and become lost. This caused a low amount of salmon. Now day’s people built ladders so fish could swim up and down it to go and spawn. They also have hatcheries to control the amount of salmon that

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