Political Challenges In America

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America is a country that stands out from all the other countries. We have a strong system of government that listens to the people and is ran by the people. This does not however mean we are without geopolitical challenges. We face many challenges such as immigration, human rights abuses, and terrorism. These are all important issues that our American government and its people face. However, two of the largest challenges our nation faces today is our dependency on foreign oil and our relations with Russia that could potentially lead to another Cold War. Americans, we like things and things require energy. The main source of energy for our country comes from oil. Some of our oil supply comes from foreign countries since our country cannot…show more content…
Tensions between America and Russia are starting to rise up again after a few years of peace compared to the past. Recent events have caused the tensions between the world powers to skyrocket. While relations have been strained for a while when President Trump ordered missile strikes on Syria this past April, in response to Syria using chemical weapons on their own people, relations became even more tense. Vladimir Putin and Russia are aiding the current leader in Syria. Once we hit syria with missiles Vladimir Putin 's office said that it was significant blow to their relationship with the United States while the Prime Minister of Russia said that this missile strike destroyed any relationships between the two countries (Baker). The thought of another Cold War is scary for many Americans including myself. The last Cold War changed a lot of American lives. Many Americans felt unsafe especially during the Cuban Missile crisis. If tensions do keep rising and another Cold War breaks out many Americans might not feel safe in their own homes. If you add this and terrorism together you will get a lot of americans who are upset at their national security and will want more security for themselves. This leads to more problems like airports making bag checks more stricts or require a full body search for everyone which causes many people to become angry. Another big issue with the possible return of cold war tensions with russia is nuclear weapons. NATO does a good job in…show more content…
The potential return of Cold War relations with Russia is scary but it can be prevented. If another cold war happens I don 't think we can do anything about it just wait until it passes. That 's why we need to prevent another cold war. We can do this by fixing our relationship with Russia right now. In the past we have seen russia as a weaker country and have never given them much respect. Instead of just seeing us as the world 's greatest country and nobody else compares to us we should start seeing Russia as a partner instead of a weaker force. What I mean by these is we stop downgrading them as a lesser country and start working with them. This won’t be easy because the United States and Russia split heads over so many import issues like the war in Syria. Russia is a very big country that sees NATO as a threat to their security. If we wish to improve our relationship with russia we must convince NATO to stop expanding, but at the same time Russia has to pull troops from regions that are disputed between the EU and Russia and let those countries choose their own paths. This way both countries can be happy on one end Russia will feel more secure and on the other hand America will be happy that their relationship with Russia has improved. So in conclusion Russia and america are both super powers and we need to treat them as an equal rather than looking down on them and we need to make sure they feel secure from the threat of NATO by convincing NATO to stop
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