Political Challenges In The 21st Century

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The twenty-first century is the centuries that are transforming the world into the future beyond recognition. It is known as the first century of the third millennium or current century of the Common Era.The twenty-first century is riding a wave of demographic changes that reshape the society and economy of countries around the world. There are many challenges to be faced by business owners which are consist of the economic, social, environmental, and political challenges that the world is bound to face in the twenty-first century. Therefore, business owners need to take risks to improve the economy of their companies (Gerald Rosenfeld, Jay W. Lorsch, and Rakesh Khurana, 2011). Economic challenges have two points such as threaten global economic and financial stability, and challenges of financial innovation. For social challenges are the social contract and growing urban challenges. Environmental challenges also give challenge to business owners which areglobal warming. Lastly, a political challenge has impact to business challenge in the twenty-first century such as political revolts (Mauro F. Guillén and Emilio Ontiveros, 2012). Economic Challenges Threaten Global Economic and Financial Stability From an economic challenge view, business needs to face the challenges in growing imbalances such as threaten global economic and financial stability. Globalized economy for maintained a high level of trade activity and the severity of the world crisis will also need to be

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