Social Changes In Japan

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Japan went through many major changes since, it opens its doors to foreigners, during the end of the Edo period and the Tokugawa shogunate. It has experienced many social, economic, and political changes. The most dramatically change of Japan that is still affected to this day is after the end and conclusion of World War Two or more specifically, The Pacific War.
After its complete surrender to the allied forces, Japan went under major reforms under the guidance/control by the General Headquarters (GHQ), led by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces; General Douglas MacArthur. During the occupation by the allied forces, Japan went through political and social reforms, as well as finding and tracking the leaders responsible for the war,
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Japan at the time did not like the idea, especially when the human casualty and lose of the Pacific War lingered in the minds of many of the Japanese citizens and politicians. Although the Japanese government was reluctant, they created the National Police Reserve, which is now called the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF). With this, it resulted that the American’s will deal with the problems outside of the United States, while Japan’s forced will deal with internal and natural disaster issues. In 1954 the Japanese Diet created the Self Defense Agency under the wings of the Ministry of Defense and changing its name to…show more content…
He explained that there were three main reasons that he believes that the constitution and Article 9 especially should be reformed. His first point was that the constitution was created by the American occupation forces, and that it does not really match with Japanese society. Second, is that within the 60 years of its creation, time has changed. In order to receive that change the constitution should be reformed as time goes on which it meets the criteria of its time period, and not in the past. Lastly, former PM Abe stated that the constitution of Japan should be created the people and the government of Japan, since they are now responsible for the government and not the
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