Political Conflict In The Crucible

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Abstract: This article presents the impacts of political conflicts on The Crucible in common and literature in general by revealing universality of human sufferings at the hands of the political regimes. Allegedly, the so called communist writers have been considered as mere puppets fulfilling the foreign agendas, by the ‘House of Representatives’ Committee on Un American Activities’, in the USA during the Cold War. Retaliation from the writer’s side is seen allegorically as in the form of The Crucible, thus, representing McCarthyism as a mere repetition of the Salem’s Witch Trials, proving its atrocities over the innocent. Key Words: Crucible, Allegory, Communism, Destabilization, Universality, Retaliation, McCarthyism. Introduction The crucible is a universally acknowledged play written by the American Playwright ‘Arthur Miller’. The play is actually a representation of the Salem’s historical witch trials which…show more content…
However, the corresponding and respective similarities between such conflicts at universal level, regardless of nationality, ethnicity and theology have proved through times that the crises faced by humans have been distinct and identical. Thus letting even the literary critics take man as a species with a quarrelsome nature and this very concept has unconsciously taken a position within conscious compositions of literature. McCarthyism is conceived as a universal human crisis which should not be recognized as a representative aspect of the American political history alone. Superficially observed, it seemed to be a conscious plot within the American capitalist boundaries questing to keep the communist ideology away. Deeply observed, McCarthyism is a broad and conscious conflict between the two human ideologies developed on the basis of the advancements and advantages for the specific
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