Political Correctness Essay

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The Effects Of Political Correctness On Our Generation George Washington once said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then the dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to slaughter.” Our generation has one threat to free speech, which is political correctness. Censoring information for what is deemed as inappropriate or offensive is still censoring, wether for right or wrong. Either way we should still be exposed to raw ideas rather than ideas which have been softened by political correctness. Our generation has been known for being offended by everything, using Political Correctness as an excuse to change and soften parts of our history, culture and language. Political Correctness has the potential to create problems by sterilizing history which is deemed inappropriate or offensive. The New York Times wrote an article in January about Amherst College Dropping it’s mascot Lord Jeff after coming under heavy criticism from its students and from outside. Lord Jeffery Amherst was the colonial-era military commander who gave this town its name. The students saw Lord Jeff as a symbol for white oppression, he advocated that native Americans be given small pox infested blankets to wipe them out swiftly. Lord Jeffery Amherst will no…show more content…
So many people are unaware of what it means to be politically correct. Because media is such a big part of our lives influentially, it is important to see how the media is using political correctness in the news. The Plug in produces online headlines that say things like “Treating people with respect is fueling homegrown extremism, claims proudBritish Muslim” and “NC senator compares treating people with respect to Nazi book burnings”. The plug-in doesn 't necessarily make the internet a nicer place but it shows what people are saying when the complain about things being too politically
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