Political Corruption In China

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Society seems to be somewhat more structured and organized than the past despite the occurring that flash on the news every day. Though, it never seems to grow closer to Utopia, or what we call an ideal society. It seems as if everything rotates around power, wealth, and money. These are the factors that occurs something that hinders the development of countries so much; corruption. Transparency International, a global organization against corruption defines governmental corruption, or also called political corruption, as ‘abuse of entrusted power for private gain which can be divided by the amount of money involved’. Global infrastructure and Anti-Corruption Centre provides two possible reasons for political corruption. It states that individuals…show more content…
Transparency International states that China should unify its penal codes with the anti-corruption legal framework of the UNCAC. Laws regarding economic and social regulations should be clarified; the implementation standards should be elucidated and completely open to the public, thus decreasing public servants’ discretion and room for corruption. In addition to that, China should consider forming an independent Judiciary, for fairness in legal processes. Currently, the communist party appoints judges, which can bring dishonest verdicts and unjustifiable consequences. Just as the Republic of Korea or the United States of America nominates judges in methods that do not involve main government parties, China should do so as well. As for the economic problems with the anti-corruption policy, China believes regardless of the money it takes to maintain it, it should be definitely funded. The cost of dealing with the consequences and damages of corruption (‘the cost of corruption’) is higher than the cost needed for preventing future occurring, in this case, the anti-graft campaign. When funds for constructing public facilities, for example, are used for private usages, the disaster could be as serious as bridges crashing down, and buildings collapsing. For public welfare and a better society, this anti-corruption campaign should be constantly supported even with enormous time consumption and economic or social

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