Political Negotiation: The Plague Of Corruption

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Within governments, there is a plague of corruption which sweeps nations in a political pandemic. This is the political lobbying of groups trying to influence and change governments to meet their own needs. Then, there is the bribery of politicians with those who take the bribes and those stand up firmly against it. Finally, there are the citizens, who know about their government and how they are corruption, then choose not to trust them. This pandemic of corruption is not just a plague, but cancer, that grows and kills those who are weak and fails to those who are strong. The true purpose of corruption is not meant to benefit you, but those who take bribes and those who give them, and it must be pursued and crushed beneath an iron boot. There…show more content…
Moreover, In the terms of lobbying, lobbyists tend to go for a short and long-term goal in the manner of “hey if you do this, then we’ll do that in return,” and so to speak. Sure lobbying can be effective for groups with the right intentions but as seen by previous sources, normally these never benefit the general population. Even bribery can be proven effective such as, “Bribes can act like a piece rate or price discrimination, and give faster or better service to the firms with the highest opportunity cost of waiting”(Matthews 6). Having a way to speed up the political agenda seems trustworthy, but most of the times the agenda won’t be able to keep up with the “progress” made by these large corporations. Yet, having a way to achieve this can work if you know who and how to target, hence…show more content…
Lobbying targeting and chasing our governments for their own priorities, not anyone else's. Then there’s bribery and the corrupt politicians who take the money and keep it for themselves and blame others for their actions. Luckily, some government officials know and make the right decision of how to combat and curb corruption which surrounds them. Finally, the people who live in these countries find and question their governments, rather than listen to Big Brother. The clear, simple, and easiest call to remove this pandemic is to stand up and just say “No.” Protesting corruption can ultimately resolve the issue and repair the damaged system. There is always time to resist when you, the citizen, knows there is corruption within your nation. It doesn’t take a village, it just takes the will of you to make a change in the

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