Political Destabilization Analysis

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Germanys uses of political destabilization as well as sowing seeds of discontent along the borders of England and the United States caused a great deal of damage but not enough to pull the British back from the front and to keep the American logistical lines from being completely cut off. Espionage was king of the day through the various uses of saboteurs and the use of covert actions in the US. One of the largest steps that Germany had taken during the war, was the attacks committed by the U Boats. While the blockade had posed a critical issue to Germany, the Germans had a fix with the U Boats being employed as an underwater merchant vessel. The infiltration of German agents in the United States not only to conduct sabotage operations, but…show more content…
What had occurred was a uprising that was eventually quelled by the British forces, who had created a great deal of loss of life to the residents of Dublin Ireland. Germany saw, that issues that had occurred through political destabilization could drive a war fight to the brink of withdrawal. And in the case of the German U Boats attacking civilian and military vessels at sea, the Americans were staged to enter the war. This entrance had become a large point, where the forces that stood against Germany tipped the balance, making the Germans become exhausted both economically and militarily. The Germans had miscalculated a great deal when it came to their military and political actions. By engaging in certain actions, they only welcomed the Americans into the war front opposed to keeping them at bay. With the addition to the biological agents that were used to kill the livestock being provided to the allied front during the war, the first act of Bioterrorism can be seen in the world. And the damage inflicted to the French almost had cost them the war and allowed for a German victory had the Germans learned of the mutiny that had occurred on a French regiment. Warfare had been changed after that war, the war that would be terrible enough to end all wars, but in fact gave rise to a great deal of new technology
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