Political Differences Between North And South

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North vs. South Throughout the years, the United States endured many social, political and economic changes which affected the North and South in many different ways. Discussing these differences, we will notice that they caused a lot of controversy between the colonies that, at times, led to wars. The major political struggles during this period were focused primarily on states’ rights. At a certain point, settlers began to come to the realization that they wanted to become their own country and not be tied to Great Britain. Once the idea began spreading, the British took action by imposing many different laws and taxes upon the colonies. This only served to make the colonies angrier, causing them to revolt and begin what was known as the American Revolution. Before open conflict began, they attempted to resolve things with Britain by asking them for representation and lessened taxes, but Britain refused to let this happen. The crown’s refusals only caused things to escalate, and the colonies had to take things to the extreme, thus causing the Revolutionary War. Moving on to the characteristics of North and South, we notice that the main focus of the South at the time was based upon agriculture. Many of their plantations were composed of cotton, which was a very profitable crop. But, in order to harvest this crop, they needed slaves as a cheap labor force to work their land. Living in the South either meant having a lot of money to invest in land and slaves, or working
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