Differences Between North And South Korea

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Chairs are for people to “sit down”, but it varies when people have different perspectives on life. When people have different perspectives or opinions, they argue and it will somehow turn into something big. Just like in the Koreas both leaders and citizens have different perspectives of the world and how they live in their countries. North and South Korea have a lot of differences and a lot of problems are adding on due to their war that has not ended yet. Their issues do not seem to settle down or “sit down.” The reunification of North and South Korea would be difficult because of political, economic, and cultural differences. Political differences would make it difficult for North and South Korea to reunite together. For instance, both…show more content…
In particular, the currency rate of both Koreas has a big difference because South Korea has a lot more currency rate than North Korea does. A US dollar is equal to 1147 South Korean won while in North Korea, it is only equal to 100 won. The decisions might not be made how much the rate would be if they reunite because there is a big gap in between if comparing both rates. Second, both Koreas do not share the same economic system. South Korea’s economic system is capitalism, where businesses and properties are privately owned. The owners can increase their wealth, as well as own their properties and the citizens have the choice whether to consume or not the goods and services. While in North Korea, their economic system is communism, where all production, consumption, and distribution is controlled by the government. The businesses have quotas and the citizens get the same amount of goods and services, where they cannot deny the amount even if it is too small. When the Koreas reunite, decisions might not be made because both economic systems have its own benefits and disadvantages. The third and major economic difference that North and South Korea share is the modernization. North Korea is way behind their modernization if to compare with South Korea. About 97% of North Korea’s roads, measuring 24,830km out of 25,554km, are unpaved. Since the majority of the roads are not sustainable, it is giving danger to the citizens and the process of modernization might take long because, again, the amount of unpaved roads is big and might cost a lot. Speaking of cost, it is estimated that North Korea’s modernization will cost up to $1 trillion, which is a huge amount of money. As has been noted, North Korea’s currency rate is too little and modernization might not happen. In fact, most of North Korea’s money goes to the military and nuclear programs that they might not

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