Compare And Contrast Lincoln And Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln were similar in a lot of ways. Both were very famous political figures known for dealing with civil wars amongst their countries. They also both supported the common people and wanted to advance their countries to be more modern. Caesar updated the Roman Calendar and contributed to many reforms that helped the common people of his empire. Lincoln was a supporter of stopping the expansion of slavery which won him the popularity of the northern states. Similarly, the two politicians had supporters of their cause and people who went against them and strongly opposed the changes they made to the political systems of their individual countries. Another way the two were similar is that they were both assassinated…show more content…
Both politicians had significant impacts on their countries. Julius Caesar was considered one of the greatest emperors of Rome and Abraham Lincoln is still considered one of the best presidents of United States. They both were involved with civil wars in the lands they controlled. After the Gallic wars Caesar came to power because of his support of reforms for the common people. Abraham Lincoln was also a politician for several years before becoming president because of his support for the American slaves and the abolition of slavery. The civil war in Rome started because the conservative members of the republican senate did not like how much power Caesar was gaining and because they were more socially traditional. Both of these leaders were assassinated by someone for political differences. Caesar was assassinated by the senators who opposed Caesar because they feared how much power he had. Caesar was attacked by over 60 members of the senate and received 23 stab wounds. It was led by Mark Antony and Brutus Albinus who was a close friend of Caesar and shocked him by his betrayal. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth who supported the Confederacy even though they lost the American Civil war to the Union. Booth murdered Lincoln while he was watching a play at Ford’s Theatre. The murder was similar because there were apparently several co-conspiritors who helped Booth plan the assassination. Both of
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