Political, Economic, Political And Economic Roles Of The Opening Ceremonies

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.2. Role of the Opening Ceremonies The role of the opening ceremony is plural and has evolved over the centuries. In a general manner, one can consider that the role of opening ceremonies commonly has various historical, social, political, ideological and economic dimensions. Above all, its main purpose is to officially welcome and mark the beginning of each Olympic games, by on the one hand conveying an Olympic welcome and on the other hand entertaining the audience while giving “something truly unique about the host city and nation” . The investigation that we carried out brought out three major objectives aimed by the Olympic opening ceremonies. They have namely an economic, political and national dimension. 2.2.1. Economic Objectives The Olympic games have always been indisputably loaded with economic and commercial interests, as they serve as colossal economic gain for the host nation of the Olympiads, and as a “particularly lucrative site for the accumulation of capital”. As Hogan further argues, “the economic impact of revenue-generating activities directly or indirectly associated with the Olympic Games is almost incalculably massive. Marketing has become the single largest revenue-generating activity associated with the Olympic Games.” Not only do the games bring immediate economic gains thanks to the marketing made around the Games, but they also bring other long-term positive impacts. For instance, according to Silk, it is essential for a nation to host

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