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Cambodia, officially known as kingdom of Cambodia is a country in the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It has the coordinates of 11.5500° N, 104.9167° E. Cambodia has 69,898 sq miles of land which mainly includes a large alluvial plain surrounded by mountains. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. From the north, Cambodia is bordered by Thailand and Laos. From the east and south, Cambodia is bordered by Vietnam and the gulf of Thailand off the west coast. Cambodia has a population of 15.14 million people. The ethnic groups in the country consists of Khmer (90%), Vietnamese (5%), Chinese (1%) and other ethnic groups (4%). The main religion in the country is Buddhism (96.9%), followed by Muslim (1.9%), Christian (0.4%) and other religions (0.8%). The government is a Constitutional Monarchy which is The Royal Cambodian Government (RCG). The main…show more content…
Cambodia has an alternating wet and dry season caused by monsoon. Monsoon seasons are the time of the year where rain falls heavily and can continue for days. During November to February, the average temperature is in the 20s. By mid-November the monsoon season would have stopped completely. This season is the most comfortable season around the year in Cambodia. During March to May, The weather is hot and dry with temperature reaching the mid-30s. In this season the water level is low and humidity starts to occur. During June to August, The hot season continues and the monsoon rains start gradually between May and June. At this time the monsoon rains can be predictable. During September to starting of November, the weather is cool and wet. Although the air doesn’t really cool before October the weather is considered cooler than most of the year. The precipitation is at its highest. By this time, the rains are very regular and intense ending through

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