Political Factors Affecting Apple In UK And In China

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This shows in the past in China, Apple employers mistreated their employees by using children to work for them in their factories such as cleaners and many other crucial roles. However, this has been solved in the past years when Apple has acted and changed the warehouse and factories system where all employees had freedom and were paid on time. Although Apple stopped the child exploitation as this could have ruined their reputation in the market forever. I am going to describe two different political factors and how they affect Apple in UK and in China. The political factors which I would be explaining are Tax policy and Internet. Political Environmental Factors Apple Stakeholders Tax policy Apple can be influenced by this specific political factor in UK and in China, because this business pays more tax in one country which is China and slightly less in the other country which is UK. This shows if the levels of tax increase or decreases then this business would still be making less profit because Apple generates around $70,000 in profit every 60 seconds which shows that Apple pays 21% in UK and in China it pays 25% tax where it loses out most of the profits by paying different taxes also Apple is the largest taxpayer in the world where it has paid over $20billion in the past few years. Government would be behind the decision of increasing or decreasing the rate of tax because they would aim to develop the economy by increasing the rate of tax. If the rate increases then
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