Political Factors In Tourism

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Political Political is one of the factor will affect the tourist demand. According to the Applegate E. and Johnsen A. (2007) political factor is mainly concerned with governments and political participation. The methods adopt the government use can greatly affect tourism demand. For examples, exchange control, currency export prohibition, taxation of tourists and residents and visa regulation (Page S.J. and Cornell J., 2009). The political is a one of the aspect is discussed in the literature (Hall, 1994). However, the scale of the industry has been widely spread, and needs immediate attention and political research topic (Richter, 1989). Follow this Henderson (2003, p. 98) has pointed that “Tourism is no doubt, but is a highly political phenomenon,…show more content…
For instance, Cascante Caballero Walter Vinicio (2012) analyzed that represents an opportunity to assess the political factors that affect tourism, especially in Kenya in the first decade of the 21st century. Cascante Caballero Walter Vinicio (2012) are analyzed the tourism and the relationship between the political. At the same time it reflects the political factors involved in tourism, and other government policies and the influence of the impact of political instability in the tourism sector. They are using the primary data and secondary data to analyzed the relationship between the tourism and political. The primary data are help to gather valid and reliable data in order to make clear the political influence of tourism. Secondary data are used to looking for information to solve, to explain the research and understanding. The result showed that the tourism in Kenya are obtained more attention and participate in the government's economic contribution. At the same time also reflects the government in tourism strong political influence. In the Hall model are used to evaluate the decision making process and the impact on the tourism industry, and using two different periods for 2002 to 2007 and for 2008 to 2012. Political are very sensitive market in all country, for example in year 2007 are experience of political instability. This is an obstacle to the…show more content…
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