Essay On Political Ideology And Tourism

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Political Ideology and Tourism
As a part of national policies, tourism policy and implementation are influenced by national political ideologies. Political ideology consist of ideas about how society should run. Different political ideology can generate different effect in tourism industry.
Dominant political ideologies in modern world are conservatism, neoliberalism, democratic socialism, and socialism.
Political ideology represent the interest, leaning, and preference of ruling class. Conservatism emphasis exist value of nature; emphasis inequality of the world; believe elitism, and conserve traditional values. Neoliberalism believe individuals’ struggling; advocate competence in free market; minimize the government control; and empower freedom for capital. Democratic socialism support private sector but strongly regulated to protect interest of stakeholders; support social welfares, education, and health care for citizens by government funding; support social security system for guarantee living standard of poverty;
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In the meantime, as one of the world’s most activated economy, Hong Kong plays a role of neoliberalism in economy with low tax rate, advocating personal struggling, and taking individual wealth as successful criteria (Chow, Vivienne, & Manchi, 2012). After return, Hong Kong was influenced by social democracy from mainland China. Consequently, Hong Kong is a district full of conflicts. It is a good opportunity to compare the performance of different political ideologies in Hong Kong.
Tourism is a pillar to Hong Kong economy, which generated 4.7% of local GDP and over 250 thousands job opportunities (Council Document, 2014). Taking Hong Kong as an example for illustrating mixed political ideologies. Hong Kong has a strong leaning of conservatism in administrative work and legislative work, which means keep things in

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