Political Ideologies: Liberalism, Socialism And Anarchism

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Noor Khan, Sec A Noor Khan ID #1307023900 October 27th 2014 Reaction Paper 2 POLS 200 – Section A Word Count: 1,006 The rise of ideologies is based on belief that people could improve their conditions by taking positive action instead of passively accepting life as it came. Political ideologies provide an interpretation of the present and a view of a desired future (Baradat, 1988). In an attempt to organize the government and the society, three major political ideologies are largely mentioned; Liberalism, Socialism and Anarchism. Liberalism is a political philosophy founded on ideas of liberty and equality, which comprises of negative and positive liberties. Liberalism has a large emphasis on individualism, freedom, and the…show more content…
It upholds over-optimistic assumptions about individual rationality and thus prioritizes the individual over society. As a direct response to the Industrial revolution, most believe that a society is more than the sum of its individual members and liberalism became the ideology of the bourgeoisie. Socialism is a political philosophy developed by Karl Marx that advocates that the means of production should be owned and regulated by the community as a whole. It is founded on the basis that few elites share all the wealth and that capitalism is a threat to the individual reaching his highest potential. Socialism incorporates social justice and class-consciousness into the ruling system as it declares that goods should be distributed on the basis of need. Unfortunately, socialism is often seen as a utopian concept, and under the growing power of government and increasing influence of capitalism, Anarchism developed as the purest expression of individualism. Anarchists, social or individualist, see government as an impediment to human progress (Baradat, 1988) and consider an organized state as unnecessary and a corrupting influence on society. Commonly wrongly associated with violence, anarchism…show more content…
ANONYMOUS embodies an international network that believes on providing a public service through the use of cyber attacks to unveil injustices generated by corporate, religious and government bodies. ANONYMOUS is a movement that fundamentally wants social justice and equal liberties, however sometimes through violent reform. I believe that there is a wide-spread sympathy for ANONYMOUS across the world as it has become an international understanding that majority of governments compromise of a democratic oligarchy that do not respond to the real public interests of its citizens and promote human injustice. They instill shared "resistance" in the hope of revolution. ANONYMOUS has a collectively large following and support in western and non-western countries as, seen through history, a revolution cannot be upheld by a single individual, a community is needed, which ANONYMOUS

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