Political Ideology Analysis

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According to Michael Freeden (Emeritus Professor of Politics, Oxford University)”political ideology is a set of related beliefs about political theory held by a group of individuals”.
In my analysis of the political philosophy of ideologies I am going to analyse why the concept of ideology often carried negative association, the reason why Anarchies demand the impossible and the extent at which feminism and fundamentalism has grown and if they have the potential to displace conventional thought.
The concept ideology can be coined back to Count Antoine Destutt de Tracy (French materialist) who defined ideology as a ‘’science of ideas’’ but it was Karl Marx (social scientist) who exposed the true hidden meaning of ideology (‘’false consciousness’’)
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In political sciences capitalism is linked with Liberalism, as it also promotes individual freedom without restriction and interference by the state, and therefore is in conflict with socialism through communism which Karl Marx believed pertained to the welfare of the society by promoting equality and power sharing.
Moreover, one would want to associate the Anarchists to capitalists as they both rejected interference from the government and its laws by promoting the freedom of individuals ,but in actual fact they cannot be categorised as capitalists as they were in opposition of all forms hierarchical control both by the state or capitalist, as they did not pertain to equality and therefore Anarchists saw the need to accuse both parties for bringing unnecessary evils which were against human nature, as they believed that authority was a form of force preventing
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Globalisation has played a crucial role on the growth of fundamentalism, as many people all over the world get to hear its core message.
The birth of Feminism has grown in significance bringing about unimagined possibilities in the lives of Modern women as they are now politically equal to men and can pursue their dreams in any direction life leads them, feminism is not necessarily about making women appear stronger than men but to change the way the world view women in general (soft and fragile).
It can be concluded that both feminism and fundamentalism have the potential to displace conventional thought, as they have grown drastically due to how modern politics allow people to freely express their opinions and

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