Purpose Of Political Ideology

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Political ideology is a belief or understanding that is applied in a policy of a country. With the creation of the ideology adopted by individual, these ideologies have the primary goal is to make followers of the ideology run on a culture of understanding. The purpose of a political ideology that is the basis for opposition to power and provide the ground of legitimacy to the government, then becomes a means of communication between leaders and subordinates, besides the aim to provide guidance in choosing policy. According to Robert Eccleshall, Ideology can help to understand the social world. Ideology also explains how to realize the reality of social and political ideas that are arranged to be able to form a social organization. Robert found…show more content…
From another definition, conservatism can also be interpreted into a political philosophy that supports traditional values. And of the few studies on conservatism, it can be concluded that conservatism is a political ideology that wants to keep the cultural traditions or preserved, maintained and preserved. Philosophy of conservatism argues that the change does not always mean progress. Therefore, the changes should take place step by step, without unsettle a political structure in the country or community concerned. According to Frederikus Kutanggas, describes more specific about conservatism, which describes the, History, People, Principle and characteristics. This describes several definitions of conservatism, one of them explained that Conservatism is a political ideology that wants to maintain the tradition and social stability, preserve the institutions that already exist, requires the development of measures and oppose radical changes. And conservatism as an ideology and philosophy that upholds traditional values. Conservatism has never been, and never intended to publish the treatise sistematic like Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes or Two treatise on the Governing Locke. As the result works, what it means to be a conservative in the present is often the subject of debate and topics that are obscured by association with a variety of ideologies or political parties. Although conservatism is a political thought, from the start, it contains a lot of grooves that can then be labeled conservative, new in Reasoning eras, and particularly reaction to events surrounding the French Revolution in 1789, conservatism starts emerged as an attitude or a typical line of thought. Many people yang propose that the rise of the conservative tendency has occurred earlier,
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