Political Ideology Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution also commonly referred to as the War of Independence”, emerged during the 1700s following increased tensions, thus between the 13 American colonies patriots and the British Crown and only halted after America became a sovereign nation. This paper provides insights into some of the primary causes behind the American Revolution by analyzing the basis as well as the outlook of a shared political ideology, major complains with regard to British governance and denial of voting rights and the American citizens’ participation in rebellions against British rule. The political ideologies of revolting the British Crown largely came from European enlightenment which stem from somewhat a different American philosophy. One of the major European enlightenment philosophers that was a great influence was John Locke who led the political ideologies of liberty in his Two Treaties of Government. In his 1690 treaties, Locke rejected the notions of kings possessing what can be termed as “divine rights to rule over other”. As a result, he argued that governments ought to be created among free individuals, where the authority would be derived from the consent of ordinary citizens (Forner, 153). Based on social contract Locke supported the notion of rebelling against governments that failed to protect citizens against obvious natural rights. Locke also expressed his belief that a government with great authority would ultimately use its authority to maintain control over
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