Political Importance Of Islam

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INTRODUCTION Basically, people need guidelines in this life. As human being seeking for comfortable and tranquility is the reason why people need religion and faith in life. The believer in Islam sees life in the world as not long lasting life. Therefore in every aspect of life, the believers in Islam (Muslims) carry out mission that the aim of this life is in the hereafter life. Islam has al-Qur’an and Sunnah as the sources of the guidelines. Both al-Qur’an and Sunnah contained of problems, solutions, warnings, kindness and threats. Islam regulates all aspects of human life, from simple matters until the hereafter life. Furthermore, Islam is not for Muslim only but for the entire human life. Islam also gives the human concept of the problems associated with worldly affairs, such as, how to organize the economic system, law enforcement, political concepts. The Muslims constitute a religious community (ummah) under the sovereignty of Allah. This ummah are supposed to be the “best community” by virtue of their exemplary ethical conduct and their ability to establish a just and prosperous civilization which harmonizes and integrates material well-being with moral-spiritual values. True believers are expected to have strong sense of identification and belonging to the universal Muslim ummah which transcends geographical and cultural barriers. The consequence of this is that political implications in all Muslims life including in dawlah (state). Therefore the revival and

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