Political Inequality In Uganda

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• Civil war and political inequality in Uganda Uganda is a country that has experienced a long history of civil war. For the last forty years, Uganda experienced different side of civil war. According to BBC News, 1970s and 1980s suffered from violence. In 1970s under the Amin1s regime and in 1980s under the power Milton Obote. His regime was fighting with Museveni’s resistance movement. (BBC News). In addition, this Country has experienced different dimension of horizontal inequalities that caused these civil wars. Most of part in Uganda are poorer than center and south; they are the majority but they can only attain power “with odd alliances and violence and election ringing facilities by northern domination of the army which was a colonial…show more content…
According to Frances Stewart Director, Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE), Oxford University, “Cultural status HIs include disparities in the recognition and standing of different groups’ language, religion, customs, norms and practice”(Stewart). So the most things that lead to a conflict are language, custom, norms, practices and religions because as the cultural phenomenon make the identity of a group and people think that their identities are the most important thing to them. They define themselves by their identity and do not want that others tarnish or distort their identities. When people see that they isolated or discriminated because of their religions they will start conflict and sometimes violence and usually violence causes civil war within a country. When the cultural differences and economic and political differences among the people go together this can bring violence and war in a country (Stewart and Brown).It seems that when the cultural inequalities coincides with other kind of inequalities such as economic and political inequalities the risk of war is higher. It means that the dimensions of horizontal inequalities strength each other when they integrate with each…show more content…
Here we can see Political inequalities, Socio- economical inequalities and has a long history of existent from the east to the north of that country but the region under the control of President Félix Houphouët have several decades of peace. When he died in 1993, many factors like exclusion of northern from politics, exclusion of northern for the rights of citizens such as voting leaded the country to civil war. The rebels declared their grievance from economic of northern (Stawert). It means here, many aspect of causes came together and lead the country to civil war. This countries with several factor of civil war, usually have a long history of difficulties because of this inequalities and finally they look for a solution so may they find the war against the government the only way to take their

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