Propaganda And Political Influence In The Olympic Games

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POL 101 Research Proposal
Manuel R. Garcia

Propaganda and Political Influence in the Olympic Games: how much political influence do these games have on our lives?

How do nations use the Olympic games as a means to facilitate political and economic benefits in their own nation?

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The Olympic games are without question the biggest and longest standing series of sporting events that has survived in our history. The games were always seen to be laden with political influence since their very emergence in our modern view with their origins in Athens, Greece. The stage in which the Olympics are held is the perfect catalyst for a country to demonstrate their abilities and nationalistic fervor, which can lead nations to acts of propaganda and political influence. This was seen through many stages in its history, especially during times of war as demonstrated during the early and late 20th century with the Second World War and the Cold War.

With such a large stage and almost a third of the world watching the events, nations take this advantage to showcase their
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I will give a recap of the previous events that were discussed and how they showcase propaganda and political influence through media and judging of events. I will also provide my own personal account of how I believe things should run in the Olympics as well as providing some insight on what rules and regulations should be modified or instated in order to make the competition more universally equal so all competitors have a fair opportunity. The Olympics is seen as the biggest sporting event in our modern world and should advocate a harmonious and peaceful competition among nations. The distasteful and corrupt acts that can manipulate the competition only force us deeper into hatred and greed whilst altering the minds of the people involved for the

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