Political Issues In Pakistan

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The first part of this writing will refer to the issues in Pakistan and how different scenarios have changed Pakistan in the last decade. What is civil unrest and how it has affected Pakistan? What is the relation ship of art and politics? The later part of the section examines different artists working on issues due to the civil unrest of Pakistan. How visual semantics are being used to convey and communicate the sensibility of concepts in the postmodern times with traditional techniques of art. The citizens of Pakistan have been directly or indirectly added to the instability and destruction of the economy. Artists have been using the social and political factors when highlighting the problems of Pakistan in their art practice. ‘Socio-political…show more content…
The sensitive skills of artists were being used for the political agendas. ‘General Zia-ul Haq died in a plane crash in August 1988, along with the US Ambassador to Pakistan, General Akhtar Abdur Rahman (the head of ISI), and other US and Pakistani officials. The cause of the crash has never been explained, but sabotage is widely suspected, engendering a rich set of conspiracy theories.’ therefore the poster shows supplicating Zia who is surrounded by notable members of army and government. Symbols such as Minar-e-Pakistan are used which marks the site where Pakistan resolution as signed. Later Nawaz Sharifs and Benazir Bhutto’s images were being used in the form of politics. Imagery has always changed gradually. Sadequain used images of Zia, Musharraf and Ayub khan. Dadi’s article is useful as we can see the comparision of different times and how visual language of art and craft was being used since then. He points out the demonstrates that effects of these ephemeral and largely unstudied transformations in the popular realm persistently intersect with organized civic life, creating unanticipated and dynamic sites for new forms of text and image-based popular…show more content…
‘In Imran Qureshi’s work, an investigation into ornamentation is both a reference to tradition and a vehicle for criticism: of constricting role models, violent political and religious systems, stereotypes, and conventions. His art delves into the constant alternation between violence and hope, destruction and creation, and calls for peaceful resistance and optimism in difficult times.’ Other artists who work with socio-political contents are Abdullah M.I Syed and Rashid Rana. She has compared different artists who are only working with the element of violence are creating different representations that look spectacular visually. They communicate the message

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