Political Issues In The Philippines

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For how many years, Philippines had been experiencing many ups and downs. Even for today, it has been facing many problems, both in economic and political aspects, the disasters that will never be prevented like typhoons, heavy rains and floods, our relationship status to other countries, territorial problem, and the grievances of people toward the government. Despite of it, the Philippines still stays civil, fecund and productive. It is for the reason that the country’s geography is abundant of many sources of our needs. Also, with its archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands with a total land area, including inland bodies of water, of approximately 300,000 square kilometers (115,831 sq. mi), it has many places to live with, with plenty of…show more content…
You cannot imagine how and what the country was in the past by the Philippines’ current situation right now, with its modern function of lives of people, fast and easy way of living, contemporize and updated technology and having a democratic country. And with this, there is a distinct and significant difference of the Philippines’ past and present situation, from its precolonial era, colonial era to postcolonial era. It was believed that the name of the Philippines was made in the rectitude of King Philip II of Spain by commander Ruy Lopez de Villalobos and its official name has changed for several times in line of history of the country. It was believed that history was all begun when the ancient humans arrived using rafts and primitives boats at least 67,000 years ago based on the 2007 Callao Man discovery and the first tribe that inhibited the isles was Negrito and later on, groups of Austronesians moved onto the island. Filipinos before, before Spaniards came, had already its own way of living. As what we could remember, the Philippines was used to be a country that was uncivilized and was not fertile. Their sources of living were only from the crops they planted like rice, sugar cane, coffee and corn and from fishing to those people who were near from the shore. It was also believed that people didn’t have any system of writing, were barbaric, has no intelligence and were not united to each other due to language barrier which were all

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