Economic Causes Of Forced Migration

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Introduction: People have been migrating for many contrasting causes. These causes can be distinguished between environmental, social, economic and political causes. Environmental causes would be that people migrate because of natural catastrophes and disasters such as tsunamis and the likes. Social migration means that people move to a specific place because of their own preferences. Economic causes imply that people are migrating to find employments or to follow a precise way for their career. Political migration is a forced migration due to the fact that people are moving away to flee from political persecution or any type of war. There are factors that are the main causes for the migration. They can be classified into push and pull factors…show more content…
They belonged to it from 111 BC until their independence in 939 AD. After that Vietnam went through numerous dynasties until its colonization by the French. 2. French colonization and Japan occupation of Vietnam Vietnam was part of French Indo-China together with Laos and Cambodia after the French colonization in the 19th century. The French colonized Vietnam because of their interests in land and labour. Vietnam is a very fertile country, so they needed Vietnam to make profit. The French rule was not favored by the Vietnamese because they did not want to be colonized and it was nothing short of cruelty. Vietnam was also occupied by the Japanese in 1940 until 1945 when France had to leave some parts of Vietnam during the second World War. 3. Establishment of the Viet Minh and the division at the 17th parallel The Vietnamese people did not like both ruling powers because they wanted to remain free and rule for themselves that is why the future leader of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, established the “Viet Minh” to get rid of the both ruling powers. The Viet Minh was “a Vietnamese, Communist-led organization whose forces fought against the Japanese and especially against the French in…show more content…
Cities were destroyed and the air was polluted by toxic gases as a result of the bombings, which made it very difficult to live and to be safe. South Vietnamese had to follow the strict rules made by the communists that means that they should be no longer supporters of capitalism because they are the communist's enemies. They were allowed to lead their life as they did when Vietnam was divided because then they were killed by the communists or sent to jail. “Offen kann man mit allen reden und so. Die Regierung kritisieren ohne Problem. Aber der Tag 30. April 1975 als die Kommunisten nach Süd Vietnam gekommen (...) Im Moment haben wir alle irgendwie Angst. Man weiß ja nicht was er für eine Person ist, ein Stasi oder nicht Stasi.”10 This shows that the freedom of speech of the South Vietnamese was limited and if they criticized the government they were reported by former friends or enemies to the communists. Furthermore, supporters of capitalism were politically persecuted by the communist regime. The big waves of South Vietnamese people started when the US troops left after the end of the

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