Political Parties Are Powerless In Hong Kong Essay

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Discussion of ‘political parties are powerless in Hong Kong Someone said, ‘Political parties are powerless in Hong Kong because they cannot form a government and make policies’. From this statement, we will use different extent to discuss the happens of political parties in Hong Kong and analyze why people have these concepts of political parties? To a large extent, Hong Kong political parties might powerless because of the formation of the government. According to the ‘Method for the Selection of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’ form the Basic Law, the Chief Executive shall be elected by a broadly representative Election Committee in accordance with this Law and appointed by the Central People 's Government. Actually, who can vote for the Election Committee? There are only 246440 qualified voters in Hong Kong and 1200…show more content…
Although they don’t have the substantial authorities of policies and form a government, they can also monitor the government and express their opinions like interrupt and extend the implementation towards the political policies. How can the political parties attempt to influence decisions of the government implement any political policies? For example, when the political parties are required to become one the members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, they are able to point out the motions of the political policies. Due to the political parties do not have the authorities to make policies or object the implementation of the policies, they usually try to use the way of ‘filibuster’ which means the member gain the right of speech then start a ‘marathon-speaking’ to defer and make the council become paralyzed. For instance, Eddie Chu, who is the member of the Pan-democracy camp recommended the article 54(4) of Second Reading from the ‘Rules of Procedure’ to impede the discussion of ‘Co-location arrangement’ in the

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