Political Parties In The 1790s

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A political party is an organization of people who share the same views about the way power should be used in a country or a society. During the 1790’s there were conflicts between America’s first political parties. They were the Federalists and the Republicans. The leader of the Federalists was Alexander Hamilton and he was George Washington’s Secretary of Treasury. Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Republicans and he was Secretary of State for George Washington. Both men went head to head about what was best for the United States. Hamilton was for a strong central government, different areas of work to help provide for the country and he thought that the nation need a bank. Hamilton favored a strong central government and wanted to…show more content…
Also, the currency in the United States would be the same throughout. The Constitution says that it is authorized to collect taxes, pay debts and borrow money and Hamilton thought that a national bank would help out the government efficiently and strengthen its power. As a result of this, Hamilton had asked Congress to establish a national banking system, and it was later on that it was proposed because Congress was entitled to carry out the order. “...it was the springboard for a future U.S. economy based on private capital and the creative use of various forms of bank credit, including government debt” (minneapolisfed.org). On the contrary, Jefferson argued that the Constitution reserved all other powers to states and that Hamilton could not have a national bank because the federal government was not empowered to do so. But, he was wrong. Congress is permitted to “make all laws which shall be necessary and proper” to carry out other powers that is specifically granted. The national bank was something to look forward to because it would keep the nation’s money organized and under
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