Political Parties In The 19th Century

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Political parties have been a part of the United States’ government since the end of Washington’s presidency and they have become the backbone of how people shape their opinions and view the government. However, these parties were inevitable and would have happened had they been a part of the government process or not. Political parties had to form in the 19th century in order for people to successfully win elections at all, as it was hard for candidates to get their views out to the people, and because people need a group that they can sympathise with and support. In the beginning of the American democratic system people were just acclimating to the idea of being able to participate in the government and form their own opinions. This is the main reason the political party system was considered evil by people like George Washington who…show more content…
The parties that started after Washington left office were much different than the political parties that resulted from the election of 1824. The original setup of a political party, at the time of Washington, was more as a support group for one candidate and represented the ideas of that candidate. The system drastically changed after the Democratic-Republican party split up and Andrew Jackson was elected. Because the big and powerful people from the revolution had removed themselves from politics, political parties no longer revolved around their candidates. The new methods had the political parties select their candidates from their pool of members and support them depending on public support. This is why politicians like Jackson were able to rise through the ranks, he had the support of the people because he was a war hero and a self made man. Because of the success Jackson had in the polls, parties decided to really stick with the new party system to effectively win elections and enact their
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