Political Parties Practitioner Analysis

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Three protesters attended a rally were presented in a scenario to show the their claims and concerns. They all had different backgrounds, level of education, and political beliefs. They addressed Congressman Wilburn Kane, who is their representative in the United States House of Representatives. Each of his constituents told him what their issue was, and why he needed to make changes to make them satisfied. The first protest was a well-educated social worker named Jonah Mason. Jonah believes that we need a more equal society with more help for the poor. He has a liberal ideology because he thinks that the government should have a part of the citizens lives when it comes to services. He was the protestor that pointed out that the US economy is near the same state as it was before the…show more content…
His ideology is conservative and he believes that taxes should not be raised on the wealthy because they create jobs. People working harder than others is what cause socio-economic inequality to him. He states that there are some who depend on the government too much by living off of food stamps and welfare. Eldon’s option that everyone is not equal or on the same lever is similar to ideology of fascism. Fascist believe that people are not equal and some people are better than others. He is not a fascist, but thats one viewpoint that is similar. He thinks it is important to protect capitalism and keep the free market open. By raising taxes, he believe businesses will not be able to grow and hire more people. With the mosque issue, Eldon believes that the mosque should not be built downtown. He thinks a mosque would not fit in because Harperville is a very traditional Southern town with a lot of history. His concern is that building a mosque downtown could jeopardize local business because of its appearance. He would be fine with the mosque if it fit in with the rest of the businesses

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