Political Philosophy In William Shakespeare's The Tempest

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Political Philosophy is a wide branch of philosophy that focuses statements and arguments involving political opinion. It is all about state, politics itself, liberty, justice and the idea of authority. It tackles the meaning of government itself, why it is needed, what makes a government legitimate, the freedom of its underman, duties of both government and citizens and other political stuff. This type of philosophy is being practiced since it was discovered and has two reasons. First is the method and approach the philosopher and second is the philosopher's agenda that made him came up with the methods he used. Political Philosophy have major theories that includes Anarchism, Capitalism, Communism, Communitarianism, Conservatism, Contractarianism,…show more content…
During our time analyzing the play, it is indeed a political work and Prospero is a political man. Prospero lives his political life in various stages. This evolution of Prospero's beliefs gives him clever ideas to establish his ideal regime. But Prospero does not begin his political development with merely political ambitions because as Shakespeare introduced him, Prospero was a philosopher. Prospero loves learning, as why he is entitled as a philosopher. In Act One, Scene Two, Prospero explains to her daughter that he was greatly known in Milan for his study and that his books were enough to please him. Also this love for learning was shown in Act Three, Scene One where Miranda urges Ferdinand, The Prince, to rest from labor because she was certain that Prospero is still indulged by his study and is serious about it. This habit of Prospero lead him to his idea on how a nation shall be built and what kind of regime will it be. He developed the said ideas while he was in the island. Prospero, however, haven't fully understand what is politics all along. This is when he observed the politics in Italy when it was established, is quite Machiavellian. Through his Machiavellian manipulation of religion with the help of the spirit Ariel, comes to observe human nature again. His idea of human nature were unfavorable due to the loss of his dukedom to his brother and adding Caliban's
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