Political Philosophy Of The Tempest

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Political Philosophy is a wide branch of philosophy that focuses statements and arguments involving political opinion. It is all about state, politics itself, liberty, justice and the idea of authority. It tackles the meaning of government, what makes a government just, the freedom of its underman, duties of the citizens and other political stuff. This type of philosophy is being practiced since it was discovered and has two reasons. First is the method and approach the philosopher and second is the philosopher 's agenda that made him came up with the methods he used. It can be defined as the reflection of our political institution such as our government system and how the current regime lead a nation. Political Philosophers often apply their own principle on what’s the current system they are seeing. This said method includes analyzing basic ideas like freedom, justice, authority and democracy and apply them to the current political state. Some philosophy ends up changing the current political state of a place.

The Tempest is known to be William Shakespeare 's final play written between year 1610 and 1611 and focuses on tragedy, politics and other culminating worldly values. Experts have acclaimed that The Tempest did not receive a big amount of public attention and applause before the ban on the performance of plays in 1642 and retained its popularity after the Restoration. During 19th and 20th century,
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