Examples Of Political Polarization

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Political Polarization in United States It has become out rightly clear that the American politics are bombarded by extreme political polarization bordering both on the political allegiance and ideologically. Political journalists, observers and scholars generally seem to agree on the American populations and politics being more politically and ideologically polarized than was experienced a decade ago. These circumstances have led to a scenario where ideological and political overlap has almost disappeared leading to constituents and politicians’ alike leading to the rise of different states that support either the democrat or republican parties. Essentially, these states are termed to as the safe states in regards to the social culture, ideological…show more content…
The differences recorded an all-time high levels during the Barack Obama presidency and studies are showing significant increases only a year into the Donald Trump presidency. Surprisingly, traditional societal divisions such as ethnicity, race, gender, education, and religious lines have all been dwarfed greatly by the political and ideological polarization within the government and at the societal levels alike. A survey done by Pew Research Centre over the last two decades with a capacity of 5000 adult constituents of different states has shown that there has been a significant increase in political and ideological differences which show significant increases as time passes…show more content…
Scholars have suggested a change in the overall negotiations and bargaining infrastructure over the time, unfortunately, these efforts have not returned the desired results in reducing polarizations. Given the current situation’s dreary and dreadful outlook, the country should thus endeavor in finding new ways of political negotiations and bargaining through the suggestions of new mechanisms that will potentially lead to the accomplishment of a great deal for the good of the American citizens. However, the efforts have to essentially consider the fact that political and ideological polarizations is here to
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