Power In Big Business Essay

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Power is defined as; “The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.” Those with political power have the responsibility of governing a certain group of people through decision making and agenda setting. Institutions are given this power in a political system and aim to benefit the interests of the people who they influence. The power is bestowed upon the most popular group; the power is “relayed” through the publics input.
The institutions convey their ideology through policy, decision making and agenda setting. Power extends further than in the state, it exists in a social and economic aspect and is a valuable tool as power enables one to have influence over others. There are constant power shifts as different groups gain and lose power depending on their success as power leader. The distribution of resources by the institutions is also influenced
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Conservatism sees growing the economy and private wealth as a key area of investment, therefore resources are used to develop this area. https://www.philosophybasics.com/branch_conservatism.html This will in turn see greater power lie with those in management areas of big business. Laws aim to develop private businesses, with tax incentives, less labour laws and favourable foreign economic policy. These policies implemented all look to benefit private business, yet those in lower levels are far more disposable. In these relations between government and private business, those in private business adopt the power as the state relies on them to bring jobs for the population. This is clear with the amount of resources they invest into private businesses. Those lower down have less power as they are reliant on the private businesses. They instead see the wealth distributed thorough the trickle down effect, where by assisting the top they will in turn benefit the lower workers.
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