Confucian Harmony

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Political pragmatism, economization of politics and the post cultural revolution quest for stability lead to the replacement of cultural discourse of harmony to political discourse of stability. The discourse of stability is the political use of the cultural discourse of harmony. In order to make this argument, I try to identify the historical and political purpose of protests in China and also to locate the space of protest/dissent in the cultural discourse of harmony. In china the idea of harmony has played a significant role in determining the state society relationship . The identification of the nature, role and purpose of protests within the cultural discourse of harmony and the same in the stability discourse would provide us the understanding…show more content…
Mozi’s harmony was proceeding towards the achievement of sameness and Confucian harmony was accommodating difference though the sameness and difference present in each one’s conception in varying degrees. Therefore the understanding of harmony in Chinese socio political philosophy itself is not exempted differences in interpretation. Though both Confucius and Mozi differ in their understanding of harmony both intend to preserve a social order through harmony. Being projected as a tool of social order harmony has acquired the status of legal discourse. As compared to many Confucian philosophers Xunzi (310-238 BCE) was a legalist and while upholding and valuing harmony as a significant ideal Xunzi highlights li or ritual propriety as a significant requirement to attain…show more content…
(WEI Xiaohong, LI Qingyuan (2013) discusses the five characteristics of harmony management in social interaction and they are the following: group centeredness, the Doctrine of the Mean, saving or making face for others, reciprocity, and emphasis on Guanxi (social connection). The very nature of Chinese society is that it is group centered. An individual is determined by the group and therefore his existence is depending on the group. Not only the presence of social hierarchy is a fact but those in the lower ladder of the hierarchy are expected to express their opinions in the decision making process to the superiors in a humble

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