Political Protest Essay

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7. I believe that effectiveness heavily relies on appropriateness when judging political protest actions. The aforementioned methods of political protest have different levels of effectiveness and appropriateness, as seen in the lists in the earlier activities. However, there is a correlation between my two lists. Break-in, bomb hoax and slogans both were under the line of inappropriate actions and the line of ineffective actions. This teaches that the acts which are extremely inappropriate are usually ineffective as well. This is because if an action is inappropriate, it sheds a negative light on the protestor, making his or her political standing less convincing to the public and therefore, less effective. Further, this relationship between…show more content…
Most Appropriate Political Action: Clean-up is the most appropriate political action. In the scenario given, an animal rights group campaigns to make a local lake safer for wildlife by collecting disregarded fishing tackle, and ensuring their efforts receive media coverage. This displays that a person or a group is not content with the way something is and so they are willing to take the initiative to be part of the solution. This is an appropriate and honorable thing to do in almost any situation. They are not being aggressive towards any business, and therefore there is no negative light shed on them, as opposed to a bomb hoax, which is very aggressive. The public eye can become aware of their efforts through the media coverage, and as a result, the group can gain more support without the use of harassment of people involved. Gaining public support in a professional way is appropriate as well. Government officials may see the positive impact and take part, too. Because of the non-violent nature of this political protest, along with the positive effects it has, it is appropriate in almost any circumstance, rendering it the most appropriate political action. However, one may think that personal change is the most appropriate political action because it shows that a person can change his or herself without making others feel obligated to change. This form of political protest is not the most appropriate as it has no public effect. This means that others are not aware of
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