Political Reasons For European Imperialism

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The reason Europe imperialised is due to their crave for power and wealth. Europe imperialised Africa because they could mine for diamonds, gold, iron, silver, etc… Europe aswell imperialised to have power and control. Europe aswell though they were a superior race then the Africans, so they decided to enslave the Africans due to them being superior. Europe aswell used imperialism to explore other areas and such. Thoe Europe was imperialising africa so was Germany, Portugal, France, Britain, and other countries. The rise of the industry during the Industrial Revolution contributed to imperialism by giving Europe more reasons to invent and control other nations. Europe used imperialism to be the stronger nation and wealthier nation.

Europe was taking over Africa for political reasons. The reasons for political was that if you have more land then you 'll have more men for battle and more power. But though that 's true there were others who back stabbed Europe by taking their technology and using it against them. Europe soon lost power but still tried to take over. Europe was mainly trying to rule over Africa to be the best of everyone and be a powerful empire. Europe had forced Africans into working for free, slavery, and had made them work in harsh conditions. The Europeans beat the slaves if they stopped working, and sold them for money. Europe had political means for Imperialism, enslaving the Africans, making an army, and making an Empire. …show more content…

Europe would teach their religion and culture to other nations. Europe would learn the cultures of other nations. Europe would use the cultures to create a stronger and better culture, religion. Europe would be using the cultures as a sample for other cultures, religions. Europe used religion for imperialism by teaching others to foreign nations, learning other nations, and creating new and better

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